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Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi - All in the Family

Michael Mizrachi Poker ProConsistent: that is a word that defines Michael Mizrachi. He methodically and relentlessly wittles away at his opponents, betting small sums and controlling his losses. His style earned him the nickname of ‘The Grinder’, a poker reference for someone who never takes risks and wins just slightly more than they lose. But that term alone doesn’t define Mizrachi. He is like a pounding hammer, solid, consistent, and never let’s up.

Michael Mizrachi Biography

Michael Mizrachi was born in North Miami Beach, Florida in 1981 and later moved to Hollywood, Florida with the family. He has a twin brother Eric along with an older brother, Robert, and younger brother, Daniel. The brothers grew up in a close Jewish household that held the value of family over anything else. They were very traditional and followed most of the old Jewish customs. Their mother was the organizer of family events and she made sure that everyone got to participate in some way. Poker, as it turned out, was one of those events.

Michael Mizrachi Pursues a Career in Poker

Michael Mizrachi started out in life with the ambition to become a doctor. However, like a familiar pattern with many professional gamblers, he dropped out of college to pursue a career in poker. One could hardly blame him. Both his older brother and his twin brother were both playing poker at that time. Most of the influence came from his older brother who was playing online and doing well for himself. Michel Mizrachi looked up to his older brother so decided to go the same route.

He developed his strategic mind at an early age by playing chess. He and his brothers played it all the time and Michael Mizrachi use to carry a chessboard with him wherever he went. Now he says he still plays about twice a year but the early experience paid off.

Michael Mizrachi Online Poker

Michael Mizrachi started his career by playing exclusively online. He began with $10 Limit Hold’Em games on Paradise Poker and quickly worked his way up to $30-$40 games on PokerStars before settling on $100-$200 games. He played any and every hand and if he lost, he would spend hours examining and replaying the game in his head.

Mizrachi Mizrachi - The Grinder

Michael Mizrachi made his reputation online as a steady and consistent player which earned him his nickname ‘The Grinder’. The online play helped him tremendously in preparing for live tournament play that would eventually earn him his biggest success. While online, he learned strategies to use against both passive and aggressive players. The experience taught him to adjust his own style of play to suit the flow of the game at the table.

Michael Mizrachi soon began entering tournaments but found he had to relearn the game for live play. He started out at the low-limit games and worked up to the higher stakes games. When he thought his skills were good enough to compete against the pros, he entered his first World Poker Tour.

Michael Mizrachi - World Poker Tour

In January of 2005, Michael Mizrachi entered the World Poker Tour World Poker Open in Tunisia. He competed in the main event No Limit Hold’Em, taking fifth place and earning $288,241. Despite the big win for an unseasoned player, he was not satisfied and thought he should have placed higher. As he did with the online play, he reexamined the game and dissected it to figure out his mistakes. So when the L.A. Poker Classic rolled around a few months later, he was ready. At the No Limit Hold’Em Championship, Mizrachi beat out seasoned professionals like Erick Lindgren and Ted Forrest and won first place and the $1,859,909 prize. Then in February 2006 at the Borgata Winter Open, Mizrachi took first in the No Limit Hold’Em Championship. At the final table he defeated John D’Agostino and Erick Lindgren. He won the first place prize of $1,173,373 and a brand new 2006 Cadillac Escalade. He was also awarded Card Player magazine’s Player of the Year.

Michael Mizrachi Success at Poker

Michael Mizrachi has had a lot of success at poker tournaments and has finished in the money many times. Some of his wins include the 2005 Five-Star World Poker Classic where he took eleventh place and won $94,355. Also in 2005, at the Mirage Poker Showdown Head-Up No Limit Hold’Em, he won first and earned $203,700. In January 2006 he won second place at the Goldstrike World Poker Open in the No Limit Hold’Em Championship event. He won $566,352 at that event. The next month at the L.A. Poker Classic he won second at No Limit event and earned $124,403. His latest big win was back in June of this year at the World Series of Poker Pot Limit Omaha World Championship event. He took third place and earned $331,279.

Michael Mizrachi Play Style

Michael Mizrachi’s style of play is relentlessly ultra-aggressive. But he states that he doesn’t read about strategies. He is concerned that doing so might change his game style. He prefers to play his way, the way he learned online, and so far it has proven successful. He also states that red is not a good color for him. Every time he has worn red, he has been unlucky. His best colors for game play are green or blue.

Michael Mizrachi Family Values

Family values mean a lot to Michael Mizrachi. He lives in Florida with his wife and children and he tries to take them to many of the various tournaments he enters. His brothers, who are also professional players, usually travel with them as well. The close-knit family they grew up in is still close. For awhile they all rode in a big tour bus that Mizrachi had purchased but later sold it as it depreciated. For the 2005 L.A. Poker Classic, when he made the final table he flew his entire family to California to help support him. Mizrachi owns two houses, one in Florida and one in Las Vegas and hopes to one day settle down with is family. He invests a lot of his money in mutual funds for his children’s future. Since his father is of Iraqi Jewish decent, Mizrachi is fluent in Hebrew. He loves what he does and has been calculating enough to be good at it. Just like a grinder. His mother, who taught him how to play poker, couldn’t be prouder of his success.

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