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Poker Tips and Poker Strategies

Poker Tips - Poker StrategiesPoker is not just a big business; it's a huge business. And the number of websites offering tips, strategies and advice for poker players is correspondingly huge and growing. (Websites offering advice for poker webmasters, on the other hand, are fewer, but most of them are excellent resources.) My goal with this website is to provide a resource for both poker players and webmasters that is both personal and thoughtful.

Many of the poker websites you'll find (even the ones that rank really well in Google), exist solely to drive traffic to online poker rooms in exchange for commissions or advertising dollars. I have no problem with that (not until it becomes clear that the site offers no value to the user, anyway). You see it all the time too: lists of poker rooms where every room is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, and none of them rank any lower than an 8 or so.

In other words, sites that exist solely to make money suck, while sites that offer worthwhile information and also want to make money are all right. The difference is usually pretty easy to distinguish.

So while this site does have a goal of making money via advertising, it hopes to do so with a bit more noble approach, by providing actual solid value to the poker players and webmasters who visit here, all of which is based on the owner's actual experiences.

Who Am I?

I'm Randy Ray , and I have some experience in the online poker industry. From March 2006 until May 2007 I was an SEO consultant for PokerStars, which, at the time of this writing, is the largest poker room online. I also consulted on their affiliate marketing program and their Internet marketing in general, but that was less of a focus for me.

During the 15 months I worked for them, my efforts resulted in tripled search engine traffic to their main site, and quadrupled traffic to their secondary site. They also own some other websites, all of which have increased traffic in varying amounts during my tenure. If you're a poker webmaster, and you're interested in making money promoting online poker, my SEO advice might have some validity based on the results I demonstrated for PokerStars.

Before working for PokerStars, I was co-owner of Poker Affiliate World, which is the largest and most popular community of poker affiliates online. I still participate there under my own name, Randy. I also owned, operated, and wrote content for a website called Unknown Poker, which still receives solid amounts of traffic. The idea behind that site was to create something where the webmaster would remain unknown and mysterious. I didn't see much point in doing that again, so I'm launching a poker website where the webmaster is a somewhat public figure. (I'm not famous, but it's clear who owns this website.)

Advice for Poker Players

Poker Players - Poker WebmastersThe advice for poker players here is all based on my personal experience. I do include the books and websites I've read as part of that personal experience. I am not a world-class poker player, but I do write from experience, and I am as honest and helpful as I know how to be here. I'm also constantly trying to improve my game. I hope to share what I learn along my poker journey on this site. Beginners should find my tips useful; experienced players might or might not. (My latest article is about How to Play Pocket Aces Preflop in a No Limit Texas Holdem Game, but you might also enjoy my article about Poker Player Tendencies, Habits, and Tells.)

I've also played online in at least 20 different poker rooms. My opinions of these poker sites are based on my personal experiences there, although there are quite a few sites where I haven't played at since the passage of UIGEA. I record my negative experiences at these poker rooms as well as my positive experiences. I haven't played at a single poker website yet that couldn't have improved in some way.

The links on the left hand side of this page go to the pages that are written for poker players, and the links on the right hand site point at pages that are written specifically for poker webmasters. I welcome feedback and also inquiries about consulting. Please contact me with any feedback.

Good luck at the tables and in the search engines.

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Now featuring new articles from poker writer Tony Guerrera about playing poker, poker probability, Texas Holdem probability and preflop fold equity, and Texas Holdem Probabilities for Pocket Pairs and for unpaired cards preflop.

Also featuring new poker articles from Bernard Lee, an extraordinary poker player and writer. Check out his review of the 2007 Five Diamond World Poker Classic and his Chris Moneymaker Interview.

Wesley R Young has been kind enough to provide us with answers to poker questions like how to play pocket jacks preflop and what are some examples of pot odds in poker.

We also recently added a section of online poker tips written by David Huber, including poker success for beginners and advice about poker note taking and poker as a career.

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